Storage and Processing


Raisins begin to lose their essential nutrients such as vitamin B if not stored properly. So for the longer shelf life of raisins it is needed to refrigerate it at a very low temperature.

Our company exports the best quality raisins to all over the world. This includes some very important commercial centers such as Europe, Middle East, North America and Latin America. Our company is at the top position in giving golden, black, brown, green and yellow raisins. We always maintain the quality and freshness of raisins. Thus store the raisins at their favorable temperature. Raisins are strongly hygroscopic i.e. they absorb moisture very quickly. Even a slightest contact with moisture causes them to rot, or fermentate them.

Apart from moisture there are many other factors which affect the quality of raisins. If the conditions of humidity and temperature are ideal then raisins can be infested by many pests such as maggots, mites, cockroaches, moths, beetles, rats, mice and ants. Mites can be examined with a magnifying glass. If the temperatures are fairly high and if they are subjected to some mechanical pressure then there is a risk of candying, agglomeration, syrup formation and fermentation. Heat may cause discoloration and hardening of the raisins.

Because of all these aspects, it is necessary to take good care of raisins for maintaining their quality. Our company uses the latest techniques for the storage of raisins to ensure the freshness of the final product. In our company, the final packing of produce is done in 400 gauge LDPE film bags and stored in corrugated boxes of 15 kg capacity at low temperature (4°C) to withstand the mechanical, climatic, biotic and chemical stresses to which raisins may be exposed during transport, storage and cargo handling and preserve the original raisin color and prevent the attack of pests.

Our company has the state of the art cold storage unit with a capacity of 3500 MT AND 3000 MT. Our cold storage is fit with temperature control vehicles for proper transportation of the final product. This ensures that raisins are not spoiled even during their transportation from one place to another. We have integrated cold chains of raisins supported by government aid. Some of the salient features of our cold storage units are:

  • Our cold storage is fully automatic i.e. based on the Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) technology. No human intervention is thus required.
  • We have pallet based storage facility.
  • A robotic arm works for the input, output and managing of pallets. Thus there is minimum human intervention.
  • We have the latest technology of radio frequency identification (RFI) tagged to pallets.

Our company has the updated raisin processing units. Some important features of our raisin processing units are:

  • We have robotic and sensor based door for the input of raw materials and output of finished products.
  • We have best GMP for the regular sanitation and fumigation.
  • Our entire plant is constructed from a high, quality, imported stainless steel.