Golden Raisins

GOLDEN Raisins rajveer exim

Raisins are basically dry grapes popularly known as Kishmish, Bedana, Manuka or dry fruit. They are primarily prepared by sun drying of different varieties of grapes and are small, dark, wrinkled in appearance. They are sweet in taste & their sweet flavor is similar to the grapes from which they are made.




AppearenceRound shape / Long Shape, unstuck and mildly oily
Colour Uniformity90% uniform, 10% opposite color
Size300-500 berry count/100 gms
Shelf life1 year in Cold Storage at 6 to 8 degree Celsius
Grapes UsedThompson Seedless Raisins, Sonakka
Farm Processes and Drying MethodSun Dried
Packing15 Kg net packed in a non-sealed, folded, poly bag in-turn packed inside a taped corrugated box.